Sunday, February 12, 2006

Finally got around to ordering contacts today. It took about 2 months to get an eye exam, try out a couple of lenses, and finally place the order for the ones I like. That seems like a long time to wait for your vision to be crisp. Fortunately, I had a month of trial lenses, so I could see well during that period, but it still took some getting used to because I went almost a year without contacts. My new set of contacts should be here "within a week." We'll see...

...At least I'll be able to see my cards for poker tonight. Poker, by the way, is such a fun game even when the gambling isn't a big factor. We play with a small group of people and have a $5 buy-in, while 1st, 2nd and 3rd place win a certain amount of money. How many activities can you think of that cost $5 (or make you money if you do well!) and will provide a few hours of fun with your closest friends? A movie is about $7, bowling can be well over $5, and even an arcade where the main currency is quarters can eat at your pocketbook like, well, like me eating through a box of fudge rounds (which I highly recommend, as my snack of choice since elementary school). So if you're playing poker for fun, and not for money, it can be just as exciting and rewarding. Keep that in mind next time you're in Vegas.


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