Wednesday, February 07, 2007

NCAA March Madness On Demand is Back!

Yep, when I checked my email this morning I had a message from with the same title above, "NCAA March Madness On Demand Is Back For 2007!" You can't even guess how excited I was. That means I can watch all the other NCAA basketball tournament games outside of my viewing area again, online, for FREE! If you're bewildered at this point, check out the March Madness On Demand post from last year. It'll explain my hype.

So, now I can get my VIP pass to have faster access to the games. What a great feeling to be "ahead of the game," so to speak - no pun intended. I'm so glad I signed up to receive their email notification. This proves that there are some emails worth opting in for, if the interest is right up your alley.

Go Heels!

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