Saturday, February 14, 2009

Share the Road

Ok, I've been wanting to rant (briefly) about this for some time. A recent incident finally ignited the spark to do so. It has to do with bicyclists and the concept of "sharing the road." Let me explain.

Bicyclists, that is, true "hardcore" bicyclists who are decked out head to toe and have a bike with the same look, would like those who drive cars to "Share the Road" with them. That's fine, since it's obviously legal to ride a bike directly on the street as you would a car. However, the bicycle enthusiast who commutes regularly in this fashion needs to follow the same laws and rules as someone driving a car, and therein lies the issue: many of them have no concern for traffic laws.

So, the bicycle rider wants us car drivers to obey all traffic laws while treating them as fellow [equal] users of the roadways. Yet, I always see people riding bikes on the street who get to a red light, then proceed to run it! So, us cars have to sit and wait, although "the coast may be clear," while someone riding a bike is above the law and can keep right on pedaling through the intersection. To reiterate with a scenario: we've cautiously passed a bicycle, only to approach a red light shortly after where the bicycle comes pedaling up alongside, and even ahead, of us to the traffic light. And then they continue going if there are no other cars (or bikes) coming. After a short wait we get the green light, and have to pass them yet again.

Any thoughts on this? It doesn't make sense for us to treat bicyclists as equals on the roads while we obey all traffic laws, and for them to do as they please, when they please, without regard for the laws that affect us - BOTH of us.

I welcome your comments on both sides! That's my rant, and I'm sticking to it! Of course, until someone can argue against it and put my mind at ease ; )



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