Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Carolina Eats Duke for Dinner

I had to make this post at some point, I was just too excited over the weekend to sit down and do it. Yes, the unthinkable, but far from impossible, happened. Carolina, with a predominantly freshman squad, beat Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium on Senior Night. It was amazing, and that's an understatement.

It was a perfect cap for the season. Sweet is a good word to describe the fact that JJ Redick played quite possibly the worst game of his life. Shelden Williams was not a dominant force. And the rest of the Duke underclassmen were playing their little hearts out, but they showed the world why Coach K has simply relied on his two leading seniors this year, and last. Pathetic. He should have no chance at Coach of the Year. We all know Roy Williams deserves Coach of the Year for what he's done with the squad he put together this year. And Tyler Hansbrough, Danny Green, Bobby Frasor and Marcus Ginyard all deserve a round of applause for their stellar performances this season, and coming of age development from game to game. Also, the upperclassmen, David Noel, Wes Miller, Reyshawn Terry and even little Quentin, who hit some key shots in the Duke upset, all deserve an ovation.

This about sums it up:

Ok, enough said. The Tarheels of UNC made the blue devils cry. They devoured their hopes of beating us yet again on their home court. Our highly underrated (preseason anyway) team simply ate Dook for dinner on Saturday night, and I can honestly say I do not feel bad for Shelden or JJ. Carolina is, and always will be, the greatest. Duke, not so much. Go Heels!


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