Friday, February 23, 2007

How To Not Measure Super Bowl Ad Success

It's CareerBuilder vs. USA Today Viewer's Poll. The victor? The poll, of course. Why wouldn't it be? It's probably the greatest measure of advertising success ever created, right?

Ok, let's put sarcasm aside for a moment. A recent Ad Age story confirmed that CareerBuilder is going into an agency review as Cramer-Krasselt has resigned the account after the "disappointing" Super Bowl advertising that CB is claiming. Although, it's a little naive to think that being in the top 10 most liked ad spots for the Super Bowl equals advertising success. I would look at that metric last. What do you think?

I think it's bologne, and totally agree with Cramer-Krasselt's president Peter Krivkovich that CareerBuilder's reliance on the USA Today viewer's poll as a measurement of success is plain ludicrous. Adweek has more.

Furthermore, the poll used 238 adult volunteers to weigh in on the ads during the big game. Wait a minute, what if the 238 adults all had jobs? Even more, what if they liked their jobs? Then, they wouldn't give two flips about a commercial aimed at those who hate utterly dislike their jobs and want more from a career. Go figure.

The funny thing is, I remembered the CareerBuilder commercials better than any others. Not only was the message clear, but the humor alone got my attention.

So, it looks like CareerBuilder wants to win a popularity contest instead of having true business success - seems like high school drama to me.

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