Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New eBay Ads

I must say that I really like new TV commercials for eBay, and the overall message they're sending. They really positioning the online auction site as a competitive shopping destination.

The idea is that with other e-commerce sites, you're just picking out something and buying it outright. Where's the fun in that?? Why not compete against others for the bid to purchase something, and win it in the final moments. In the end, you're "Shopping Victoriously," as the new commercials put it. Quite frankly, buying items through an auction is simply competing against others for the goal of ownership. What a great way to differentiate.

I know the next time I'm in need of competing with someone else to spend my money, I will end up on eBay. See you there, too...and may the best bidder win!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wal-Mart's Tagline Refreshed

I just saw this short snippet from Brandweek about Wal-Mart dropping its "Always Low Prices" slogan in lieu of the new "Save Money. Live Better." I believe they're trying not only to improve their overall image, but creep into Target's brand territory by claiming both low prices and high quality. I think it will take some getting used, with heavy advertising and marketing behind the revamped slogan, but I give them credit for making the change and understand why it was done. Now if only the store experience could be improved! More at Yahoo!