Saturday, March 10, 2007

Voicemail to Text with SimulScribe

As I was reading the latest print version of Business 2.0, I jumped back in amazement as I read about SimulScribe, which takes voicemails and turns them into text, in "The Next Net 25" feature. Ok, I didn't "jump back" (does anyone literally do that?), but I did have a "HOLY COW!" moment. The reason? I had thought of this idea exactly one year ago; I even remember it was this day, March 10, because I was out watching the ACC basketball tournament that night when I thought about it.

That evening, I had received a hilarous voicemail from a friend of mine, and thought, wouldn't it be cool to save priceless voicemail messages in a text format, as a sort of keepsake? It was more of a B2C idea than B2B. When I got home I jotted it down as one of my [only] "million-dollar ideas." Sure enough, this company is getting $5 million in funding for the idea and the business they've developed around it. Congrats to the founders, James Siminoff and Mark Dillon, as well as Jess Wachtel. Good luck guys!

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